The Dallas Chapter of IWF is a selective organization that seeks and admits as members highly motivated, professional women leaders in our community who are shaping their professions, their organizations and our community.  Consistent with the standards of the International Women's Forum, our members come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity and exhibit leadership not only in their professions and organizations, but beyond.  During their career, our members also exhibit involvement in, and a desire to improve, our community and the promotion of women.  These qualities may be manifested through their leadership positions, through the example they provide, in the mentoring activities they undertake for other women and in the various investments they make in our community through their time and resources. ​

Membership in IWF-Dallas is by invitation only through an application process and is governed by definitive standards. Prospective IWF-Dallas members are sought from a cross section of industries, sectors and companies. Prospective members are identified both by individual IWF-Dallas members and the Membership Committee but, pursuant to the Bylaws, only an IWF member may submit an application of nomination for membership and the application must be endorsed by two other IWF members.

Submission of a nomination for membership application is not a commitment to the selection of the individual as a member.

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