The IWF Dallas Mission

The International Women’s Forum-Dallas (IWF-Dallas), a Member Forum of the International Women’s Forum (IWF), is a selective organization that seeks and admits as members

preeminent women of significant and diverse achievement in North Texas.

As the primary purpose of IWF-Dallas is to provide a forum for women shaping the business and community agendas to meet their peers and form mutually beneficial relationships,

members should participate actively in the programs and activities of IWF-Dallas. As a Member Forum, of IWF,
IWF-Dallas also embraces the goals of IWF and encourages its members to participate actively in IWF’s programs and activities, including its international programs. Members should have a proven track record of fostering the individual and collective achievements of women and promoting better leadership in a changing world.

Who We Are
The International Women’s Forum is a singularly unique organization comprised of more than 6,400 dynamic women leaders in thirty-four countries and seventy-five forums around the world. IWF members span careers, cultures and continents, however they are wholly aligned in their commitment to building better global leadership.
The heart of IWF is vibrantly represented at global meetings held annually. There is no other organization in the world that continually convenes such an extraordinary network of women leaders, provides exposure and access to such a broad and diverse audience of female decision-makers, while delivering cutting edge programs that explore topics impacting international progress, business, economics, ecology and enterprise.


Deborah Gibbins
Debra von Storch
Past President

Helen Giddings


Debbie Taylor

Board Member

Wendy Lopez
Gail Warrior Suchy

Roslyn Dawson Thompson


Kellie Fischer


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